What’s holding YOU back?

At The Athlete Unleashed, we strive to bridge the gap between traditional physical therapy and personal training. Our focus is on movement mechanics, proper muscle recruitment, and achieving efficient tissue length for optimal performance to decrease risk of injury or aid in a quicker recovery.

  • Are you limited in shoulder mobility during pull-ups or your overhead squat?
  • Does your knee get sore after running 3 miles?
  • Have you had repetitive ankle sprains?
  • Do you want to hike further, lift heavier, or enjoy bootcamp more frequently?

We can help unlock your maximum potential while decreasing pain and discomfort.  You and your doctor of physical therapy will work together to create a personalized plan to reach your performance goals, whatever they may be. Our mission is to keep you healthy and fit so you can continue safely performing your best without being sidelined by injury.