• Do you accept insurance?
    • The Athlete Unleashed is out-of-network for all insurances.  Therefore, payment is required at time of service.  However, we are able to create a “superbill” for you to submit to your insurance company for physical therapy services only.  It is your responsibility to submit this bill to your insurance company if you desire.  Reimbursement is not guaranteed, and we cannot estimate the amount that may be reimbursed.

  • I have Medicare.  Can I come to see you?
    • Unfortunately, Medicare laws do not allow any patient with Medicare to be seen in a cash-based setting for physical therapy.  So at this time, we do not accept any patients or clients with Medicare insurance.

  • Do you accept walk-ins?
    • The Athlete Unleashed operates by appointment only.  Feel free to set up an appointment at our “Contact” page or directly through email.

  • Do you have parking on-site?
    • There is plenty of street parking in the residential neighborhood of our location.

  • Do I need a prescription from a doctor for PT?
    • California is a direct-access state, which means patients are able to come directly to PT for 45 days before a doctor’s prescription is needed.  We will help you determine if it is necessary to see an MD as our treatment continues.

  • What should I wear to our first session?
    • Please wear comfortable, athletic clothes that allow the area to be treated to be exposed.  You will be asked to do many athletic and functional movements on your first session, so please dress appropriately.

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